Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make online or catalog purchases with my Performance One® Visa® Prepaid Card?

Yes, however the billing address you use during checkout must match the address on file with your card.  This will allow retailers to verify the card as valid when they process the transaction.

How can I place a catalog order?

You can either call in your order or mail in the merchant’s order form. In either case, simply use your Performance One® Prepaid Card number for payment.

How do I place an order via the Internet?

We have included website addresses for merchants who will accept online orders. Simply enter your card number for payment as directed by each website.

Where can I use my Performance One® Prepaid Card?

You may only use your card at the merchants and travel suppliers listed on this website.

How can I use my Performance One® Prepaid Card to purchase travel options?

You may select your travel accommodations, transportation, vacation package, etc. from the list of participating travel suppliers on this website. You will make your reservations by calling the supplier directly and referencing your card account number for payment. Note: When a supplier requests a credit card to hold your reservation, use another means of payment. Using your card to place a reservation puts a hold on the funds in your card account. Instead, we recommend only using your Performance One® Prepaid Card to pay for actual services rendered.

Please Note: Your Performance One® Prepaid Card may not be used at a travel agency to purchase travel, nor may the travel agent call in your card to participating travel suppliers as payment.

I attempted to order through a catalog/Internet site and my Performance One® Prepaid Card was declined.

The billing address on your order must match the billing address associated with your card.  You can verify your address on file by calling the number printed on the back of your card.  Additional decline reasons may be an invalid expiration date or insufficient funds.  Please verify both prior to making a purchase.

Will new merchants and travel suppliers be added to the list?

We regularly identify new merchants and travel suppliers who qualify to participate in the Performance One® program.  We will post all new merchants and travel suppliers on the home page of the site as they become available.

How do I find local participating merchants?

Store locations can be found by visiting the participating merchant websites listed in this site or by calling the merchant’s toll-free number.

I tried to use my card at a participating merchant, but it was declined. What do I do?

Confirm you are at a participating merchant, that the card has not expired and that you have sufficient funds in the card account.  If you still have questions, call customer service for assistance.  You will find that number printed on the back of your card.

What if I use my Performance One® Prepaid Card at a non-participating merchant?

You may only use your card at travel suppliers and merchants listed on this website.  You could be charged a fee for using your card at a non-participating merchant.  See your Cardholder Agreement for details.

Are there restrictions on my purchases? Can I purchase items on sale?

Almost all of the participating merchants and travel suppliers will allow you to use your Performance One® Prepaid Card to purchase items on sale. There are some merchants that will not allow the purchase of gift cards with your Performance One® Prepaid Card. We suggest you check the specific merchant descriptions and the Terms & Conditions for restrictions before making a purchase.

Can I return something purchased with the Performance One® Prepaid Card?

You can always return an item you’ve purchased to the merchant and have the purchase amount credited back to your card account (less any cancellation penalties that may apply to most travel services). Please allow several days for the credit to appear in your card account. Sorry, but refunds cannot be made in cash.

Why is my card balance printing on my receipt?

Card companies have recently imposed a rule to help merchants better process transactions for their customers. The new rule requires that for a transaction using an award or stored-value card, the available balance must be returned as part of the authorization of that transaction. Furthermore, the merchant, at their sole discretion and if their point of sale system allows, may print that balance on the customer’s receipt.

What is my card account balance?

You can view your current statement and funds available anytime on this website by clicking on the Online Statement link at the top and login to the card account. You can also check the balance of your card account by calling the toll-free number listed on the back of your Performance One® Prepaid Card. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. When checking your card account balance via the toll-free number, you will be given your current available balance to spend.

Can I spend more than my card account balance?

If you want to purchase an item or travel option that costs more than the award dollars deposited in your card account, you can supplement the balance of your card account with a major credit card, personal check or cash. You can request that the merchant or travel supplier deduct a specific amount from your Performance One® Prepaid Card and then pay the remainder of the balance with other accepted forms of payment. Please note: Some merchants may not accept two forms of payment.  Some merchants may require payment for the remaining balance in cash.  If you attempt to purchase something that requires more funds than the balance in your card account and you do not have supplementary funds, the transaction may be denied at point of purchase.

Is the Performance One® Prepaid Card a credit card?

No. The card is a pre-denominated card, meaning that a set amount of funding has already been loaded to the card and it is accepted by the Performance One® partners appearing on this website.

What are the Terms and Conditions regarding the use of my Performance One® Prepaid Card?

The Terms and Conditions for use of the Performance One® Prepaid Card are enclosed with your card.  A printable version of the Cardholder Agreement is also available. You may need to download Acrobat Reader  in order to view this file.

Download the Performance One® Visa® Card Cardholder Agreement.

I’ve moved. How do I change my address?

Please contact Award Headquarters to update your address.  It is very important to keep your card account information up to date.

What do I do if my Performance One® Prepaid Card is lost or stolen?

Call Performance One® Prepaid Card Services toll-free at 844-815-1852 immediately. Lost or stolen cards can be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Performance One® Customer Service (800-478-9311) can also assist you Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 p.m. Central Time. Your card account will be cancelled and a new Performance One® Prepaid Card issued. It is important that you report a lost or stolen Performance One® Prepaid Card promptly. Until you call to report the incident anyone who has your Performance One® Prepaid Card can use it. You will receive a new Performance One® Prepaid Card in the mail within seven to ten business days. A service fee will apply. Expedited shipping can be requested for an additional fee.  See Cardholder Agreement for a full list of fees.

How do I become a Performance One Prepaid Card Cardholder?

When you receive your Performance One® Prepaid Card depends on your program structure. Please contact Performance One Award Headquarters at 1-800-478-9311 with questions on your specific program.

When can I expect deposits to be made to my Performance One Prepaid Card?

Deposits to your Performance One® Prepaid Card vary by programs. Please contact Performance One Award Headquarters at 800-478-9311 with questions on your specific program.